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Britain’s Tallest Dog (5)

Canine colossus Freddy is believed to be Britain's biggest dog. The Great Dane has been measured at 7ft 4in on his hind legs by owner Claire Stoneman. Although no official measurement has yet been...
Man's Best Friend (15)

Reasons why dogs are considered man's best friends.                              
Adorable Newborn Javan (3)

Javan Langurs are found in Java, Bali and Lombok in Indonesia and are listed as a threatened species due to hunting, agricultural expansion and habitat loss. Here are some cute photos of a newborn...
Bearded Tit Bird (1)

A bearded tit bird, diving for food was captured by Edwin Kats.              
Surprising guest (3)

Recently in Australia a snake got into someone's home. It wasn't a small snake either, this thing was too big for comfort.          

  Cool photo set by Theresa Knudson with creative portraits of her daydreaming cat, the backgrounds are made only with scissors and colorful paper.        
Amazing Animals (3)

Wonderful pictures of animals in wildlife and others.                  
Blue-Footed Booby (3)

The blue-footed booby (Sula nebouxii) is a marine bird in the family Sulidae, which includes ten species of long-winged seabirds. Blue-footed boobies belong to the genus Sula, which comprises six species of boobies. It...
Dog Races in Santiago (1)

With over 100 years of history, greyhound racing attracts people mainly from rural areas of Santiago every weekend. Some dogs come from Argentina, the United States and Ireland and can develop a speed of...

Amazing photos of a rare white crow.        

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