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Baby Armadillo Born at Edinburgh Zoo (4)

Baby Armadillo Born at Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is proud to introduce this baby three-banded armadillo Rica who was born to mum Rio and dad Rodar in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK on Sunday 24 August 2014. A tiny 81g at birth...
Squirrel Becomes A Halloween Monster (1)

Squirrel Becomes A Halloween Monster

British photographer Max Ellis has already established himself as a creative wild animal photographer, using clever props and food to attract squirrels and take brilliant photos. And sure enough, when he suspended tiny carved...
Romantic Bowerbird-Architects (1)

Romantic Bowerbird-Architects

Male bowerbirds are amazing architects, but they reserve theirs skills for just one purpose – finding a mate. They construct such elaborate and dazzling nests to impress females. Male bowerbirds use embellishments such as coins,...
Spider Camouflaging as Bird Droppings (2)

Spider Camouflaging as Bird Droppings

Some animals have the ability to camouflage themselves with the surrounding environment to avoid detection by predators or the prey. Some assume the shape of leaves, or long stems, while this spider Cyclosa ginnaga...
Argentina Tiger Triplets (1)

Argentina Tiger Triplets

Cleo, a captive Bengal white tiger at the zoo, gave birth to two females and one male, white tiger cubs on January 16, 2014.                
The Fish With Human Teeth (6)

The Fish With Human Teeth

Pacu is a South American freshwater fish found in most rivers and streams in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins of lowland Amazonia, but they have also been reported as far as Papua New...
Dogs in Cars (2)

Dogs in Cars

A wacky photographer has come up with an unusual pet project – snapping ecstatic dogs as they hang their heads out of car windows. The unusual shoots, which took place in Los Angeles, California,...
Copenhagen Zoo (1)

Copenhagen Zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo continues slaughtering animals.            

Pygmy Marmoset – A Smallest Monkey In The World

The pygmy marmoset is a tiny primate that is native to rainforests of the western Amazon Basin in South America. It is known to be the smallest known species of monkey in the world weighting...

Children With Dangerous Pets

A set of shoking pictures if children playing with dangerous animals.                        

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