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Photographer Feeds Wild Animals To Capture Their Portraits (2)

Photographer Feeds Wild Animals To Capture Their Portraits

20-year-old Finnish photographer and self-proclaimed squirrel whisperer Konsta Punkka probably has a special vibe that draws animals to him as if he’s their buddy. Of course, the photographer’s secret tool - food – also...
Dog Has its Day as Mayor of San Francisco (4)

Dog Has its Day as Mayor of San Francisco

Frida, a previously unknown female Chihuahua, has won her first political office, being named Mayor of San Francisco for the day as part of a campaign to support the city's animal shelter.                              
Sphynx Cat Portraits (12)

Sphynx Cat Portraits

Photographer Alicia Rius decided to take a look at Sphynx Cats, notorious for their lack of fur. Instead of a fluffy coat, these cats are all skin, all the time. This makes for a...
Scary Spiders of Australia (1)

Scary Spiders of Australia

Just never go to Australia if you are an arachnophobe.                            
Pink Fairy Armadillo (1)

Pink Fairy Armadillo

The pink fairy armadillo or pichiciego is the smallest species of armadillo. It is found in central Argentina, where it inhabits dry grasslands and sandy plains with thorn bushes and cacti.                
The Photo Adventures Of A Dog (3)

The Photo Adventures Of A Dog

Illustrator John Stortz and his dog Wolf travel around the most spectacular places in the USA and capture their bliss on photos.  Wolf, whose full name is Wolfgang, is the main model in John’s...
Surreal Photos Of Shelter Dogs (1)

Lovely Surreal Photos Of Shelter Dogs

Kind-hearted Hungarian photographer Sarolta Ban thought of a unique idea to help find new owners for homeless dogs. She created a project called “Helping Dogs with Images” where people can submit photos of shelter...
Surprising guest (3)

Surprising guest

Recently in Australia a snake got into someone's home. It wasn't a small snake either, this thing was too big for comfort.          
Baby Animals (2)

Baby Animals

Collection of nice photos of wild babies.                        

Adorable Squirrels by Nancy Rose

Nancy Rose is the author of this amazing squirrel shots. She has been photographing them for a couple of years.                            

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