Romantic Bowerbird-Architects

Romantic Bowerbird-Architects (1)

Male bowerbirds are amazing architects, but they reserve theirs skills for just one purpose – finding a mate.

Romantic Bowerbird-Architects (1)

They construct such elaborate and dazzling nests to impress females. Male bowerbirds use embellishments such as coins, nails, leaves, shells, seeds, flowers and live insects to weave their nests, called bowers. Bowers are U-shaped nests built with twigs and grass, and carpeted with moss. Each bower is an architectural marvel that stretches out 5 or 6 yards across, complete with a thatched roof and supporting pillars.Just like in humans, the female bowerbirds’ taste in males seems to improve with age.

Romantic Bowerbird-Architects (2)


Romantic Bowerbird-Architects (3)


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