6 richest pets in the world


Here are six richest, and we think happiest pets in the world.


Trouble the Dog—£7.8 Million ($12 Million).

Leona Helmsley was an American businesswoman and real estate entrepreneur famous for tax evasion and her tyrannical behaviour. In 2007, when Helmsley died of heart failure, her family discovered that many of them had been left out of her will, while Trouble (the dog) received over $12 million of Helmsley’s savings.


Blackie the Cat—£8.5 Million ($13 million).

Reclusive retired filmmaker Ben Rea spent his lasts years living a lonely life, secluded away in his mansion with his pet cat ‘Blackie’, so it was no surprise to his lawyers to discover that Rea had bequeathed his entire £9 million ($13 million) fortune to his favoured feline.


Tommaso the Cat—£8.5 Million ($13 million).

After millionaire Maria Assunta died, her lawyers revealed that ‘Tommaso’, a stray cat she had taken in, was to be the sole beneficiary. With a portfolio including homes and villas across Italy, this is one puss that can afford very expensive boots.


Gigoo the Chicken—£9.1 Million ($14 million).

Miles Blackwell, the fourth generation of Oxford book-sellers, Blackwell limited, was a popular and much loved inhabitant of Oxford for his love for animals and sense of humour became most explicit. After he died, Blackwell’s family were surprised to find that £10 million ($14 million) had been left to his favourite pet Giggo, a chicken.


Tobey Rimes the Dog—£59 Million ($92 million).

In the early 1900s Ella Wendel was the heiress of a multi-million dollar real estate fortune. After she died in 1931, Wendel’s will stipulated that her fortune be put into a trust for her dog, ‘Toby Rimes’ and his descendants. Eighty years later, the descendant of that lucky canine, also named Toby Rimes, is now the inheritor of a $92 million fortune.



Gunther IV the Dog—$373 Million.

Gunther the Fourth is the richest animal in the world. Gunther’s father was the pet of wealthy German countess, Karlotta Liebenstein,and upon her death he found himself the sole inheritor of her entire fortune.


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