Chinese Hachiko


Wang Cai was a homeless dog found wandering on the streets of Chongqing, China, four years ago, when a kind soul decided to adopt him.

Chinese Hachiko (4) 

Since then he has been accompanying his new owner to work every morning and waited outside patiently for the next 8 hours, only to return home in the evening. According to the dog’s master, the behavior perplexed him at first, since he didn’t really train Wang Cai to do anything of the sort.

Chinese Hachiko (3) 

The locals are fascinated with Wang Cai’s loyalty. He’s being hailed as the Chinese version of Hachiko, the world-famous Japanese dog that waited for his deceased owner for 13 long years outside the Shibuya Train Station, Tokyo.

Chinese Hachiko (1) 

Chinese Hachiko (2) 


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