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Jellyfish Photography By Alexander Semenov (1)

Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov photographs the beauty of jellyfish. He is now the leader of a scientist team, set out to travel around the world and explore the mysterious and fragile creature in...
The Photo Adventures Of A Dog (3)

Illustrator John Stortz and his dog Wolf travel around the most spectacular places in the USA and capture their bliss on photos.  Wolf, whose full name is Wolfgang, is the main model in John’s...
Intense Owl Moments (4)

Owls are a pretty unique animal and they're a lot of fun to watch. These pictures capture owls during some pretty special moments.                              
A Wheelchair For A Weakened Tortoise (1)

Blade is one of the luckiest tortoises ever. He got the priceless gift of a custom-made LEGO wheelchair, which a vet in Germany attached to his belly to help him move around. His limbs...
Goodfellow's Tree-Kangaroo (1)

For some reason, everything that comes from Australia is either very cute or very poisonous; sometimes cute and poisonous at the same time. For example, Slow Loris, which you probably have seen eating a...
A Dinner For A Shark (1)

Sergio Riccardo recently took this picture of the world's luckiest seal. He was almost dinner for a shark but lucky for him, he lived to see another day.      
Surfing Penguins (3)

These surfing penguins are making waves as they glide gracefully across the ocean.They are showcasing their talent as they arrive on the East Coast beach of New Island in the Falklands.The penguins are of...
Dog Has its Day as Mayor of San Francisco (4)

Frida, a previously unknown female Chihuahua, has won her first political office, being named Mayor of San Francisco for the day as part of a campaign to support the city's animal shelter.                              
Making A Thin Hamster (2)

A short manual of how to make a thin hamster.                      
An Owl With Starry Eyes (2)

The people of the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California took Zeus in after they discovered he's blind. But when they looked into his eyes, they found something incredible.              

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